Never Alone

by NomBear Beats

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On the night of December 31, 2012 my twin brother Vijay came up with the idea of "NomBear Beats," a project for both of us to express ourselves through music and specifically through hip hop beats. At the time, both us had pursued music production individually, with Vijay being a seasoned user of FL studio with a few hip-hop and drum and bass projects under his belt, and me being a not so seasoned wanna-be 9th Wonder. We figured that the best way both of us could grow in music production would be to make a project of sorts: create an entity that would push us to make beats, both individually and together, and continually get better in the process. And that is the same ideal that we carry with us today.

Both of us have still continued to work on our crafts, with Vijay taking on the persona of "s l o w v i b e s" and me taking on the identity of " Mr. NomBear." But with almost four and a half years under our belts, we still have not made a single project with each other. It turns out that going to different colleges and having very different tastes in music makes making music with someone extremely hard.

Both of us have changed a great deal from when we first started this project, but if there is one thing that has kept us connected, it is undoubtedly music. "Never Alone" is meant to be a celebration of both our individual differences and connection as both beat makers and, more importantly, as brothers.


released March 14, 2017

SIDE A: "Top Bunk"
beats by s l o w v i b e s (


Track 2 :
- Jormungand OST: "Mania Butterfly"

Track 3:
- Jormungand OST: "Tristesza"
- The Notorious BIG: "Suicidal Thoughts (Acapella)"

Track 4:
- Astrud Gilberto: "Day by Day"
- Danny Brown - "Blunt after Blunt (Acapella)"

Track 5:
- Oswald D'Andrea: "Fiction-Magnitude"
- Mr. NomBear - "Lonely (intro)"

Track 6:
- Hunter x Hunter OST: "Kingdom of Predators"

SIDE B: "Bottom Bunk"
beats by Mr. NomBear (


Track 1:
- The Fuzz: "I Love You For All Seasons"

Track 2:
- Steve Gray: "Billowing Sails"
- "Have you ever had a dream" kid

Track 3:
- Childish Gambino: "What Kind of Love"
- Childish Gambino: "Heartbeat (Acapella)"

Track 4:
- Robert Viger: "Limpidite"
- Captain Murphy: "Mighty Morphin Foreskin (Acapella)"

Track 5:
- Vladimir Cosma: "Reflets Flous"
- Euroz ft. Meek Mill: "Exorcism (Acapella)"

Track 6:
- Stylus: "Hangin'"
- Original lyrics written and performed by Arun Nambiar



all rights reserved


Mr. NomBear Rochester, New York

Arun Nambiar is a 22 year old Hip-Hop enthusiast hailing from Massachusetts, currently residing in Rochester, NY. When he's not studying, yo-yoing, taking photos, or spending time with his friends, he likes to try his hand at making beats.

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Track Name: SlowVibes - tristesza [biggie]